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Tips for those who want to start making good profits on NeoBux

I started on 3 November 2010 and I am more motivated with NeoBux!.. I'm now a standard member, but my next step is to be Golden member and then go beyond. I'll explain to you exactly my strategy in order to have good gains.
1 - Rent 100 referrals for $25.
2 - After 7 days, those who are not clicking, you recycle the other above. It costs $0.07 per referral.
3 - Rent over 100 referrals for $25.
4 - After you click on 50 ads, they have rented at least twice and have at least 15 days of registration, there may already be a Golden member for $90 with a duration of 1 year.

5 - Now Golden member as you are, you renew for 240 days with 30% discount those who have an average of more than 2. This means that those will be for 8 months without any cost. Each renewal of 240 days has a cost of only $1.40 per referral. 
 I'll be honest, I rented 100 referrals, but the average daily walk around the 190 clicks per day, which will on average half of those. Being a Standard member, I get $0.005 for each click, that means, $0.02 for each referral hired. Doing well to calculations, i have an average daily gain of at least $0.90, with only 48 such honest to click every day. Now if I being Golden member, I have about 9 ads per day, something like $0.10 per day. What's more, also earn about $2 daily with the same 48 referrals. Having regard to Golden, and gain a satisfactory daily, just have to get the rent 100 referrals per week for 240 days and renew those that have a good average daily clicks. But in order to make a profit, we must also invest from your pocket. For those who are thinking of gain without any monetary investment, it will take longer and likely give up after a few months, I say this because the same thing happened to me. No investment is too complicated to have good profits, but not impossible! 
 6 - After a good win, they can always acquire from a Golden pack of your choice. They will have many more listings available, and certainly more gains.

Consider it as your own company if they are able to manage the business well, will see satisfactory results not monthly, but daily.Nothing better than a short hop by the NeoBux!. forum where there are numerous colleagues with very interesting stories.

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